Modular Displays

Modular displays, made out of fabric panel on a metal frame, are larger than pop-up displays because they often take up the entire trade show booths space. Although they are large, they are still lightweight, weighing in at significantly less than traditional displays. The frame can be disassembled, making them easy to transport. Modular displays can be reconfigured and customized to appear different for other shows.

Used Exhibits

Used exhibits display is another trade show displays option, especially for the very budget-conscious business. These exhibit displays are often older and may show some wear and tear. They are usually available for rental or purchase. Some used exhibits are quite extensive and require the use of on-site convention display hall labor staff to assist with their assembly.

Custom Displays

Custom displays are designed either by an in-house design team or by an outside professional according to the desires of the exhibitor. Custom displays can be pricey and the sky is the limit. These types of displays often have multiple components such as workstations, separate rooms, numerous structures and multiple textures and fabrics. Depending on the complexity of the custom display, the construction may require the use of on-site labor help. Larger companies often choose the custom display route for different exhibit shows around the world.

Final Thoughts

Now that you have learned about the various types of trade show displays, you can select one that will best showcase your company and its offerings–and meet your objectives. Factors to consider in choosing your trade show booths displays include transport issues, event show size, number of events, booth reserve space, business objective and budget. Conventional displays may be more budget-friendly, but a custom display will ensure that your convention displays stand out in the crowd.

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