Overcoming Your Middle School Geek Label – Get Involved

One way to overcome your middle school geek label in high school is to get involved, and getting involved is contrary to the behavior of geeks. Geeks are known for either being loners or associating only with other geeks. Although the thought of reaching out and mingling with others might make you feel uneasy, don’t worry. This article suggests five sure-fire strategies to change your image and benefit others.

5 Ways to Get Involved

1. Join a club

Most high schools offer a variety of extracurricular activities. Investigate what your school has to offer, and then make your selection. Be sure to gravitate to those clubs and activities that match your interests. The goal is not to join a group to get lost in the crowd but to join a group and be active. People will notice your involvement and begin to see you as one of the team instead of a geek.

2. Start a club

On the contrary, if none of the clubs already in existence seem to interest you, start your own. Keep in mind that you will need to get the approval of the principal, and you will need to enlist the help of a teacher. A word to the wise is sufficient. Do not start a club that targets geeks. Suppose you launch a group that is related to computers. Go the extra mile to reach people who are not computer savvy. In fact, the club could be for those who are uncomfortable with computers and technology.

3. Tutor

Why not tutor in an area of your strength? The subject matter does not have to be academic. Teach others how to play chess or skate board. You can charge a fee or do it for free. Tutoring accomplishes two things; you motivate others to change their perception, and you gain a reputation as an expert.

4. Volunteer

Besides joining a club, starting a club, or tutoring, volunteering is a great way to lose your middle school geek label. Opportunities abound to be of service to others. Hospitals, nursing homes, schools, churches, neighborhood agencies, and libraries are all places that would welcome your help. Volunteering takes the focus off of you and places it on someone else.

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