Advice For Women Dating Men – 3 Effective Ways to Get a Guy to Ask You Out!

So you have meet up with the guy you talk to on an online dating site the other day and you have decided to keep seeing him on the possibility of starting a new relationship with him. But the problem is, you just don’t know how to ask him out again! Don’t worry; we have some great solutions for you.

Before we move on, have you ever thought about some ways to get a man to ask you out? Is there a special guy on your list that you would really love to date but don’t want to make the very first move?
Have you learned how to behave, talk and dress in ways that make you more approachable to a man? Here’s some advice for women dating men.

The common problem is that girls don’t feel it is acceptable to make the first move so she has to keep worrying about how to make herself seem dateable. If you have a guy in mind for dating, let’s take a look at how to get him to ask you out.

Advice for Women Dating Men#1: Be infinitely approachable.

You need to make a decent effort to be approachable regardless of your clothing, make up and tone of your body. Smile at him and let everyone know you’re the friendly sort of person. Don’t forget that most men are terribly insecure and don’t wish to be rejected.

If you look great but he’s not approaching you, think about whether or not he’s feeling like he might get rejected and change your smile and stance so you look like you want him. Pay attention to this dating advice for women.

Advice for Women Dating Men#2: Don’t forget to be fun and have fun

If you have something in common, go ahead and play that up. For example, if you both like mountain-climbing, you already have a great deal to talk about on your date. You shouldn’t spend the entire date talking about just that one thing but it can serve as an anchor and will show him that you’re fun to be with.

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