How Property Management Companies Work

With the recent debacle in the housing market many investors now find themselves landlords and in desperate need of a property management company.

A property management company can be the perfect solution for those that never intended on being a landlord and have no clue on what it takes to manage a property, or it can be for the savviest landlord who just wishes to keep his distance from his tenant. In either case it is important to know exactly how a property management company works.

A property management company acts as a liaison between the landlord and the tenant. This can hold true for commercial property, such as strip malls, housing developments, such as apartments or condominiums, or even individual houses. As the name implies, the property management company is responsible for managing the property on behalf of the landlord. The duties of the management company include:

o Advertising and showing vacant property.

o Negotiating the lease of the property.

o Accepting rent.

o Responding to and handling tenant’s maintenance issues.

o Keep the tenant apprised of any changes in an upcoming lease.

o Keeping landlord apprised of any issues arising from tenant.

o Making sure general maintenance is being done to the property, such as lawn mowing and landscaping.

o Aiding landlord in rules and regulations involving issues such as eviction.

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