The Personal Escape Mask is a compact

A wearer can quickly don the mask to escape from a local hazard. It is designed with a flexible neck that fits snugly, protecting the mouth, nose and lungs as well as the eyes.

A Personal Escape Mask is intended as a one-time, one-use piece of emergency equipment to get people out of the hazardous area alive and to a safe, hopefully pre-determined meeting point.

As you decide which protective masks for gases and smoke to purchase, you should remember the following features: Weight and Simple Design.

Weight – A good mask will be compact and light. There are a number of masks that can fit into a carrying pouch that can hang around the neck or easily slide into a zippered pocket in a binder. There are some masks that weight as little as seven ounces.

Simple design – There should be only four parts:

A rubber hood that is impermeable to smoke and gases. It should also be resistant to both fire and high temperatures.

A visor that allows full view; is highly transparent and resistant to high temperature and fogging.

A particulate filter that uses multiple layers of activated charcoal to counter smoke and gases.

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