I had a very good look at this picture

Once I had a very good look at this picture, and understood the image that was being portrayed unto me; instantly another individual appears upon the “Kroogh”. delicate culotte

This time an angelic man…
He walks across to stand in front of me; and then he asks me, “Which of these Women are the True Woman Clothed In The Sun”?

Of course the answer was simple! But at the same time, it was perplexing!!!

I replied, “The first woman, standing next to the “Pristol Table” is surely the woman that represents the “Woman Clothed In The Sun”, she shines with radiance and Beauty which is incomparable”…

“But”! “I do not believe that I have ever seen this woman within our Molokan Nation”!!!

“It is the second woman that we are all familiar with”.

“She is the Woman that represents us as a People; as a Faith, and as a Nation”.

“She is the ever dutiful servant, that fulfills her requirements and obligations unto the Molokan Church Community”; “It is her voice that permeates the walls with petition and prayer; with song, and speech”.

“She is the ‘Cleaning Lady’, representing the church that is forever in the process of praying for people’s sins, and crimes, and other discrepancies that defile our souls; a work that never ends; a problem that can never be solved; by people who live in darkness of mind

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