How Does Optical Touch Overlay Work?

Optical imaging.

Optical imaging is one of the latest sensor technologies used in touch screen interfaces. Optical imaging technology enables users to interact with the screen with a high degree carmit of accuracy, clarity and convenience. Based on optical imaging technology, a wide range of products have come into being, such as the optical touch overlay, the optical touch module and the optical interactive white board.

Sensor design.

The optical imaging technology detects the touch point with optical sensors that operate on the basis of the principles of optics. An optical sensor is a device that converts light rays into electronic signals. It measures the physical quantity of light and translates it into a form read by the instrument. Optical sensors come with a lot of advantages, such as no contact pressure, no external interference, high-speed transmission of signal, capability of remote control, etc., and are widely used for detecting and tracking the motion of target object. Optical overlays use cameras, which detect specifically Infrared Light (IR).

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