Is Plagiarism Prevalent and Is There a Way to Prevent It?

The issue of plagiarising is not new. Neither is it restricted to the creative people belonging to the film and advertising industry who blatantly copy ideas under the garb of inspiration or ignorance.

This practice of stealing someone else’s ideas is rampant in other industries as well, may be in the name of industrial snooping or spying on competitors.

However in case of the creative industry like advertising, the issue is two-fold:

When the agency professionals are the culprits; and
When, of all the people, the client is guilty of indulging in this malpractice.

Plagiarism is a euphemism for stealing

A few months ago, I reported a case of plagiarism through a post on a social site after an instance when a “supposedly” reputed business house plagiarised a strategic branding and communication thought our agency had presented during the pitching for the account.

At the time of presentation, the client had confessed that our strategies and creative were far superior to the other agencies in the fray and it has made him rethink the approach.

To our chagrin, a few days later we came across an advertisement incorporating a part of our strategy and released by that client without our consent.

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