The Top 10 Tips To Setting Up A Successful Blog

name separates you from the hobbyists and children blogging, and lets the world know, you are a serious blogger. It also allows you to change hosting companies, maximize the customization of your weblog and it’s still there even if the company that built the software goes out of business. Even if you decide to use and in the future it shuts down, you still have your own web pages on your own domain. You can start building with all your data intact.

2. Learn your blogging software

You need to be able to customize your blog to reflect your business. Whatever software you settle on, whether you start with and move on to Typepad or WordPress, you need to learn to work with and change the templates, add your blogroll, set-up what your advertising, change or add pictures and more. In order to make your blog unique and different, you’ll need to have at least a minimum amount of knowledge of what you’re working with.

3. Learn from those who’ve already gone before.

Read and study other blogs. Don’t be afraid to contact and ask questions. When you want to learn to do something you need to study what is already successful. There are many ways to find blogs, but I’ve found that BlogExplosion is one of the easiest ways to get free traffic while surfing others blogs. Find out more about BlogExplosion by visiting my website.

4. Post to your blog on a consistent basis.

Updating once a month won’t get you much readership. If you update your blog 3-5 times per week with interesting and informative articles and tips about your industry, people will look forward to what you’ve updated and return again and again.

5. Blogging is like networking and building a virtual family.

The readers don’t care what you are selling until they know you care about them and what’s going on in their world. Blogging sales messages is the quickest way to lose readership and destroy any relationships you might have. People go out on the Internet and into the blogosphere looking for information, help and fun topics of interest. If you provide information and benefits for them surfing to your blog on a consistent basis, they will return. If you come at them like a used car salesman, people will find other places to spend their time.

6. Allow comments and trackbacks.

Part of the magic of blogging is its interactivity with the virtual world through the comments people make to your blogging articles. Grow a thick skin, and put your opinion out there. Depending on what you’re blogging about, comments can range from “Nice Post” to things very much less complimentary. In either case, it’s a give and take, not a one-way news delivery or sales pitch.

7. Read other people’s blogs

If you don’t read and explore the world of blogging, leave or comment on other blogs or participate in the process, your success will be diminished. It’s kind of like playing tennis blindfolded. You’ll never have any idea of where the ball is, so how can you hit it? Part of joining the blogosphere is getting into the thick of things. That means living outside of your own blog.


your items on sites like

Every day I am sure that you advertise your items on sites like Squidoo, Digg, TechnoNews so on, but do you know how to use them without fear of being penalized by Google? If you’ve seen these sites surpass your articles/post in Google SERP then I suggest you to read carefully to what I will tell you in this article.

Proper use of social news

Using the social news sites to your advantage is very simple, but it is necessary to follow some simple rules.

First let me make a brief introduction: there is a difference between blogs. Bloggers that have a new blog which is not well indexed and generates few visitors tend to use social news more. But they do not know that this can have a tragic effect on their blog.

This is due to the fact that the social news has a higher trust than your blog. So if you post your article on social news, it could cause:

  • your blog could be penalized for duplicate content even if you are the original article author
  • other social news to appear in search engines results before your article.

In order to counter all of this and to gain more benefits using social news, there are some rules that you can follow:

  • Always use a completely different title from the one used for your article. This could not only prevent you from a possible penalty but it permits you to use other keywords and then have the ability to place your article/post (indirectly) for other keywords. For example, this article could be advertised on social news under the title “How to use social news.”
  • Always use a completely different description from the beginning of your article. On social news that allow for a description of your article/post, it is always better to not copy/paste the first lines of your article. It is better to write a brief description for what the potential reader may find reading your article. For example, for this article I used this description: “Find out how to avoid Google penalties and increase the benefits of social news for your blog”

Personally I very rarely use social news for three reasons:


What Can You Do To Lower Your Corporate Taxes

President Donald Trump signed a tax-overhaul bill, delivering a major tax cut to U.S. corporations along with a package of temporary cuts for other businesses and most individuals.

The bill slashes the corporate tax rate to 21 percent from 35 percent and cuts individual tax rates across the board. So if your corporation has net profit your tax percentage as a proportion to the net profit will be lower than years before. This Trump feels will make United States corporations more competitive in the global market. He has felt that because if the high percentage of taxes that the U.S. Corporations have to pay, reduces the competitive abilities of these U.S. Corporations. Trump said the bill will prompt abandoned factories to come back to life. He said Bob Kraft, owner of the New England Patriots, called him to say he’s buying a new paper plant in North Carolina because of the tax law. Of course this is just one event. This will have to play out in the months to come to see if that is the case. President Reagan preached in the 80’s the “trickle down effect” lets see if this idea works in the real world.

In this case a 21% tax rate is significantly lower than the 35% tax rate. For high earning individuals with LLC’s that are disregarded entities a switch to establishing a C Corp may, if formed correctly, lower your taxes by thousands of dollars. Also if your health insurance costs are high this tax planning strategy can help you to expense your health insurance within the corporation structure.

Overall, the bill is projected to decrease federal revenue by almost $1.5 trillion over the next decade. Trump and GOP leaders have said they expect the business tax cuts to spur enough economic growth to make up for the revenue loss. In other words, the federal government is willing to have a temporary revenue decrease in order for the economy to spur economic growth which will over compensate for the loss in tax revenue. So this income tax overhaul bill is intended for business owners to save money on their income taxes so that they can spend the savings wisely and inject capital into the economy so to add more jobs and more business profit activity. At the end of the day the businesses that maximize the income tax incentives will be the ones who gain from this new 2017 income tax legislation,

With the new 2017 tax law ready to be implemented for the 2018 tax season, only the most savvy tax planners will reap the income tax savings rewards. This article helps you to structure your income so that you can reduce your income tax payment to the IRS.


trädgårdsarbetet till någon annan

TrädgårdSmart tar bort dina stubbar med stubbfräsning. Borttagning av stubbar  i Stockholm och Uppsala snabbt och enkelt ta bort stubbar uppsala

När du vill lämna det tunga trädgårdsarbetet till någon annan tar du kontakt med TrädgårdSmart. Du får hjälp med köp av en ny robotgräsklippare, installation av robotgräsklippare, ogräsbekämpning, renovering av gräsmatta och stubbfräsning. Vår trädgårdstjänster finner du i Stockholm, Uppsala och Göteborg.


lämna det tunga trädgårdsarbetet

TrädgårdSmart tar bort dina stubbar med stubbfräsning. Borttagning av stubbar  i Stockholm och Uppsala snabbt och enkelt Stubbfräsning Stockholm

När du vill lämna det tunga trädgårdsarbetet till någon annan tar du kontakt med TrädgårdSmart. Du får hjälp med köp av en ny robotgräsklippare, installation av robotgräsklippare, ogräsbekämpning, renovering av gräsmatta och stubbfräsning. Vår trädgårdstjänster finner du i Stockholm, Uppsala och Göteborg.


View UEFA Europa League News by Android Phone

UEFA Europa League is a tool that easily and quickly shows you the latest news by your android phone, including fixtures, results, standings, top scorers and top assists. Please note that it is just an info-provider that offers football fans the up-to-the-minute news about UEFA Europa League 2010/11, obviously, you cannot watch the matches directly on phone, but you will gain most of the helpful info you need about the match.

Like other apps that used for viewing football info I have installed before, this one also provides you the instant fixtures and results, including group, teams, time and scores. As a result, you won’t miss any matches you want to view. In addition to fixtures and results, standings may be an important info you concern, UEFA Europa League gives you a list about league tables/statistics. The tables are divided based on different groups. You can have a clear view about the tables, plus, more info are given, including, Games Played, Wins, Draws, Losses, Goals Scored, Goals Against, Goal Difference, Points. As to top scorers and assists, it lists the players’ names, which teams they belong to and the numbers of goads and assists.

It auto-updates data each time when you enter this app, or you may reload data or scores by manual. UEFA Europa League also supports Chinese teams, especially suitable for Chinese users. So whether you are English or Chinese user, you can download the app to your android phone.

For me, this app is nice because it give me most of the needed


How to Use the News in Your Business

I will be addressing folks who are involved in business on the internet but this goes for offline business as well.

You want traffic to your website or people to come visit your store, workplace or office. Next, you want to turn prospects into customers. Last but not least you want regular customers.

There are a lot of ways to achieve that, but I want to show you how to associate with the news and latest trends and events to get noticed. Not only noticed but making a great impression with a little help from others. The thing is they do not even know and it is FREE.

Interested in finding out how to sell more products and make more money? Then read keep reading…

Try associating the product or service you promote with the hottest trend. Succeed and you are bound to achieve great results. This is what most of the big companies will do. The thing is they pay huge amounts for it and you do not have to. Think of major events like the Olympics, the recent World Cup soccer, the NBA playoffs, the Superbowl and I’m sure you know many more.

Let us use the Olympics. Like I said companies associate their product with the event. Brand XX will be the official drink, company So and So is chosen as the official sponsor, 123 inc will design the official shoe and so on. What are they doing? They link their product to something that is popular or in-demand right now.

Since not all of us have a couple million dollars reserved for promotion and advertisement, let us look at how you can still use this method to our advantage. What you do is, you work the trend or event into your sales letters to create association. How do you do that? Take a look at these examples to form an idea:

– “The techniques explained by Mr ABC will teach you how to become the LeBron James of Online Marketing” – “Ladies, when you are finished with this diet no one will even recall ANTM


The Latest News

There is probably no one who doubts that PPC is here for the long term. And while many dismissed PPC in the early days, it is clear, based on earnings reported by the search engines, that PPC is here to stay.

Therefore, online marketers need to understand what it is, how to use it and what your competitors are doing. It is also important to know what some of the most effective tactics are out there.

The first thing to know is that PPC marketing is evolving just like organic placement. There are new players entering the market with unique ways to help you improve your PPC results.

Take MSN, for example. Because of its huge user base it can offer demographic placement of ads. In other words, if you want your ad to appear only for Women in the 20-35 age group then MSN offers that ability.

Google and Yahoo! are also offering some form of demographic placement, but not to the extent of MSN. With these two you can also opt to place ads in geographic areas, for example, or limit your contextual advertising to appear only on selected sites if you chose to do contextual matching.

Further, as a PPC advertiser you need to be aware of the types of ads and delivery platforms being developed right now.

For example, we already know that Google is moving into Click to Call ads. They are offering AdWords advertisers the ability to advertise in magazines, and likely they’ll soon be able to advertise on the radio as well.

But, there are also other formats in the works such as rich media ads and video ads.


The Latest News About Depression

If absolutely nothing has been able to break your cycle of depression, and you are frustrated to the point where you don’t know how you can live without getting better soon, there is an alternate theory about your problem you need to learn more about.

I have spent thousands of hours doing general research on moods and the human brain because I am completely fascinated by the subject. I recently discovered something that continues to blow me away when I think about it. Being a victim myself of bipolar depression, terrible anxiety disorders and ADHD, I know what it is like trying to escape the indescribable negative feelings and overwhelming heaviness and terror these disorders create in the mind.

What follows will probably stun you if you have never heard it before, but I think it also proves that drinking and/or drug use and mood disorders –especially depression — are linked by a natural cause. Here is what I find incredible and am surprised is not that well known or publicized:

It was recently discovered that the human brain and body manufactures morphine in the identical molecular structure as that which comes from the opium poppy. Here is the clearest proof, published in a report just 2 years ago by the Neuroscience Research Institute: “Recent empirical findings have contributed valuable mechanistic information in support of a regulated de novo biosynthetic pathway for chemically authentic morphine and related morphinan alkaloids within (human) animal cells”.

The opium poppy, of course, is what the devil’s drug heroin is made from. Not coincidentally, I believe that is why it is the most addictive drug on earth. It makes one feel so euphorically happy when they first start taking it, that the desire to feel that way all the time gets embedded in the brain. It is really important that you understand that your brain does not manufacture a chemical that makes you feel like you have taken an opiate — it manufactures the exact opiate itself.

We know for certain that what the brain manufactures in terms of neurotransmitters or other “feel good” brain chemicals, it unfortunately does not manufacture enough of in people who are clinically depressed. You have undoubtedly heard examples of these other “feel-good” neuro-chemicals such as dopamine and serotonin or endorphins. Too little of these chemicals results in depression, and antidepressants help correct the problem.

Doctors don’t know exactly how most of these drugs work, mind you, and some were meant for totally different problems — but we’ll save that for another article. The main point I am driving at is that if some people can be deficient in other brain chemicals, it certainly stands to reason that they could be deficient in their opiate levels. From what I have researched this is being referred to as either Endorphin Deficiency Syndrome, or Endogenous Opioid Deficiency. Not having enough opiates is a subject I have direct experience with and can describe for you, as a bad back got me into opiate-based painkillers and I got addicted to them.


Fallen Behind on the Latest News?

While reverse mortgages sometimes make headlines, consumers can rarely find up-to-date information in their favorite newspapers and magazines. To make up for the lack of mainstream news, seniors can get the latest information by following a reverse mortgage blog. For those who have fallen behind on their favorite reverse mortgage blog, here is the latest news that has the mortgage industry buzzing.

Are Financial Experts Finally Realizing the Full Benefits of Reverse Mortgages?

It is no secret that reverse mortgages have many critics. When Home Equity Conversion Mortgages (HECMs) first became available in the late 1980’s, several lenders did adopt some questionable practices. However, as these loans have matured, the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) has tightened their regulations. The days when lenders could take advantage of their borrowers are long since over. Unfortunately, it has taken a long time for the industry to shake its negative reputation.

The good news is that the industry is finally starting to get the recognition it deserves. While these loans are not meant to take the place of traditional retirement planning, many esteemed organizations, including the National Council on Aging, now work to educate seniors on these loans.

As many adults are acutely aware, the recent downturn in the economy has impacted retirees’ assets and made it harder to save for retirement. An article released by Investment News, an online news source for financial planners, reported that “reverse mortgages should be considered as a very valuable retirement tool by financial advisers of all types.” While there will always be critics, many blog owners are noticing this well-deserved change in attitude.

Reverse Mortgage Blog Owners Discuss Possible New Loan Products