10 Steps on How to Develop a Business Properly

(A Business Development Manager’s Point of View)

So you want to develop a business, huh? Well, you’re just in luck. This article will help you whether you are planning to start up new or have an existing business that you would like to expand. This is a step by step guide on how to start, improve, and expand a business while minimizing loss on your part. If you are starting new, please read this article carefully from the very beginning. For those, who already have an existing business and would like to improve or expand, the latter part of the article will be more useful.

Every business starts with an idea. You will find that throughout the article, I have emphasized the mental aspects of people rather than physical or financial aspects. Call me philosophical, but the mind is where everything happens. I have seen and experienced it time and time. When your mind is fully committed, there is literally nothing that you cannot do. Let’s begin.

Step 01: Find Your Passion

To start a business, you need to find out what it is that you are truly passionate about. “Why is that important”, you say? The answer is simple. You really do not want to get yourself stuck into a kind of work that you hate. There are plenty of planning and executing involved in a brand new business and if you are passionate about it, they would not feel like work at all compared to a kind of business you do not care for. After all, happiness is the end result of anything that we do in life. Why not choose a business that would make you happy while doing it?

“When your vacation becomes your vocation, you have succeeded in life”.

Step 02: How to Sell It

Now that you have found your passion, let us figure out how to use it to bill people who are in need of the kind of service you can provide. Even though yours is the most ridiculous passion ever, believe me, there are millions of people who would be glad to have your services. As a matter of fact the stranger and more unique your passion is, the more likely you are to succeed simply because that type of business doesn’t exist yet. That also doesn’t mean that if your passion is something common or usual, you shouldn’t do it. Even if it is something common, if you really love it, you will always find ways to do things differently than the others and that itself is the winner.

Let’s say that you are passionate about cars. You are more likely to succeed in an auto shop, auto parts shop, or a repair and modification shop. Sure, there are plenty of those out there, but if you love it, it is going to be one of a kind. Maybe your shop has a nice waiting area where your customers can have a seat and a free beverage when they come to drop off or pick up a car, or you may have free stickers complementary to having their breaks fixed. Once you’re in the business, you’ll figure that out.

Step 03: The Planning

Write down your unique ideas and prepare a presentation. Take some time to do it. You should not rush this part. If a new idea comes while you are in the middle of the planning stage, do not hesitate to change. Edit and modify until you are fully satisfied and you can see a clear mental picture of your business. I cannot emphasize how important this is. You have to be absolutely clear and certain. If there are parts that are hazy, leave for a while, do something else, and come back to the planning table again when your mind is clear. You will see later how we will reuse this step over and over again.

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Green Contemporary Furniture, Not a Fad

Are you a cat lover? Cats are great pets. They love to play, they love to cuddle when you are watching TV or sleeping, and they purr for the very reason to be near you. Unfortunately, cats also love to scratch. This is probably one of a pet owner’s worst nightmares. Often, the things they love to scratch are the legs of your antique table, your upholstered sofa.

Scratching is a natural behavior for cats and is a way marking its territory. Scratching exercises their shoulders, legs and paws and also provides a good stretch for them. Yet, if your pieces of furniture are at stake, you might want to find ways on how to avoid this hideous thing from happening. The easiest but the most painful method to keep your furniture scratch-less is declawing. Many people consider the declawing surgery but many veterinarians believe declawing is a painful and unnecessary surgery and refuse to do it for humane reasons. Declawing is not like a manicure, it’s a serious surgery. The cat’s claw is not a toenail as it is actually closely connected to the bone. So closely connected in fact that they say the cat’s claw is the cat’s bone in itself. Therefore, declawing is believed to be an amputation of the last joint of the cat’s “toes”. When you envision that, it becomes clear why declawing is not a humane act. Here are three cat-friendly ways to protect furniture by discouraging your cat from scratching them:

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Fashion Blogging Essentials – Getting The Right WordPress Fashion Theme

A commercial blog depends on advertising revenue to monetize their traffic. A WordPress fashion theme theme is optimized for all kinds of advertising platforms like Google AdSense and clickbank as well as affiliate programs for most popular programs and networks. Some blogs also do some direct product sales on their blogs using the high traffic of the blog to sell fashion products of their own design or as a special arrangement from a certain designer. This means using a fashion theme that has the capability to process most online payment channels.

Fashion blogging is not only a lucrative niche. The past few years has seen a trend in the fashion world where select fashion blogs have started to influence real world fashion trends. More and more people are going into fashion blogging hoping to build up their credibility and authority as effective and knowledgeable resource for fashion online. This credibility can translate to a lot of perks like being invited to exclusive fashion shows together with the mainstream media as well as be granted first access to the next season’s designs. Often some industry players go into fashion blogging as a way to showcase and relevance in order to generate contacts to other industry players they can do business with. Some fashion designers who are just starting out do fashion blogging to generate buzz for their own designs.

It is these diverse reasons for fashion blogging that has generated various designs of a WordPress fashion theme. People who are interested in fashion pretty much have a good taste for design and aesthetics and this taste is translated to the design of a WordPress fashion theme. Everything is well thought of. From the fonts used, the layout, the header, sidebar, footer as well as the colors every aspect of a fashion theme is designed to appeal to fashion insiders as well as followers. Once you pick theme that appeals to you, you can even further enhance this theme because a WordPress theme has powerful customization options so bloggers can create their own distinctive brand for their fashion blog.


Why Blogging Is Crucial To Your Business In Today’s Business World

Successful blogs will look inviting and yet professional. Obviously you want the respect from your customers that you deserve, and so a professional looking blog should demand that kind of respect. At the same time you want a place that people will want to visit, so you need to have a casual, inviting feel to the blog. You can achieve this through your color and style choice, so consider these carefully when creating the blog. The professional aspect of the blog will also come into play when you consider its usability: make it user friendly. Consider posting notes from the supervisors or president of the company to start out with and to invite your customers to continue to visit the site.

Businesses use their blogs in more ways than just to touch base with their customers. Some companies have opted for in house blogs that pertain only to employees. This especially works well for larger companies. Many companies offer employees the opportunity to provide feedback about the company along side the customers who can also provide feedback. Such blogs open the lines of communication around the office between consumers and employees.

Some companies also use blogs to solve in house problems. Employees may have the opportunity to share their opinions about a given issue in the office. These kinds of sites seem to work best when an employee can voice his opinion anonymously instead of risking his reputation in front of his fellow employees.


5 Ways To Make Your Business Work Harder for You and Your Family

Many business owners are working so hard at their business that they fail to enjoy the rewards of being the business owner. If you are letting the life of your business overrule the business of living your life, then it is time to begin turning the tides.

Finding ways to make your business work harder for you and your family is the reason we all started our businesses in the first place. If your business is obstructing your efforts to enjoy life with friends and family, this is a problem. We all know a lot of work goes into building a successful business, but if it is consuming all your time, effort and energy… is it worth it?

Why this coordination is important:

Every time you find new ways to help your family benefit from the efforts of your business, your life balance and family life improves.

If your business consumes your entire life and your family life suffers because of it, your spouse and children may actually resent the time that you spend there. Even if it provides a great deal of income, the value of family and social life may be sacrificed.

Make your business help you, your family and your social life. You will be happier, healthier and live a longer more rewarding life.

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How to Get Rid of Acne Fast and Make Your Face Beautiful

Getting rid of acne can be vary difficult and annoying. There isn’t one true way that will make it go away overnight. It’s quite impossible, but you can learn some tips that can reduce the size and make it go away faster than usual.

So first you have to make sure you wash your face everyday. I recommend washing your face only once a day, at night time. In the morning I recommend just splashing some cold water on your face to wake you up and it will let some natural oils still on your face. You don’t want to dry your face, some natural oils are good for your face.

So for your morning routine:

1. Splash some cold water on your face and dry your face.

2. Apply acne medication onto acne.

– Remember that putting more medication on a pimple ISNT going to make it go away faster, it will just dry it out.

3. Apply lotion all over face or if you don’t have face lotion, sunscreen is ALWAYS good to have on.

4. Then if you want, apply makeup. Concealer and foundation.

Your night routine:

1. If you have make-up on, use a make-up remover to take over all your make-up.

– I would not recommend a cheap remover at a drugstore but maybe a more expensive one at sephora. You may need to experiment and see which remover works best with your skin and doesn’t irritate it.

– If anything you can use baby oil. Baby oil takes make-up off so so easily! It’s cheap and good for your face.

2. Once your make-up is off then you should wash your face with your favorite face scrub. Don’t wash your face with bar soap, body wash or any random soap. Make sure your using FACE wash.

– I recommend Obagi. You do have to go to the dermatologist to get this but it works AMAZINGLY. I started using it about a year ago and its great.

– If you rather buy som


Start a Successful Fitness Blog for Fun and Profit

Fast forward to today and now that blog I started so many years ago now provides me with somewhat passive income. I say somewhat because I have to maintain the web site so it isn’t 100% hands-off. However, I still enjoy writing articles for it.

Some of the perks I receive from running a fitness blog are free products to review as well as income from the advertisements I run. I have received cool fitness products from books to a free pair of walking shoes. I receive emails on a regular basis for product reviews.

The first step to running a successful fitness blog is to purchase your own domain name and web hosting. I would avoid starting off on a free blogging service simply because you don’t have as much control as hosting it yourself. You can run any type of advertisements you like when you control your own blog. You can purchase a domain name from any reputable domain registrar. I highly recommend keeping your domain name relevant to the topic and get it in a “.com” if it’s available. You can find good and affordable web hosting plans all over the internet.

Once your domain and web hosting, I also recommend installing WordPress as your blogging platform. It is very simple to install and most web hosting companies offer one-click WordPress installation for the non-tech savvy individuals. WordPress is easy to use and is search engine friendly right out of the box.

Finally, you want to write in plenty of good content. When starting out, I suggest writing on a regular basis – once a day if possible – but a few times a week at the minimum. In order to start marketing your blog, leave comments on other fitness blogs you visit, create a Twitter account and a Facebook page as well.


5 Steps On How Blogging Can Help You Master Internet Marketing

But the really interesting thing is that advertisers have cottoned on to the power of blogging. As blogging evolves in its importance, it is becoming clear to anyone serious about establishing and maintaining a strong internet presence that blogging is the must have new internet marketing tool.

To help you exploit blogging as an online marketing tool, follow these five tips:

1. Blogging Is Simple, Easy and Fun.

It is one of the most straight forward ways of getting your views about hot topics, products or services aired online. You don’t need fancy qualifications to set- up a half decent blog. As long as you have an average command of English and can use a PC, you are half way there. All you need are ideas and the commitment to get writing, typing fast always helps but that improves with time.

Blogging allows you to publish your own take on life, health, wealth and relationships amongst others. It’s like having your own magazine and you’re your own editor. You can review anything from TV shows, music, fashion, food, developments in current affairs along with a multitude of products and services. The more genuine and informed you are the better your articles will be.

2. Blogging Is Believable.

Advertising is inundating people from every angle with “buy this and buy that”, so much so it makes people immune to publicity or at the very least less suggestible. The difference with blogging is that, it is about ordinary folk talking about what interests and matters to them.

Blogging is like listening to your friend and there is nothing more powerful than word of mouth which has huge power to persuade. If you get a recommendation with a balanced argument from someone you trust, you are more likely to try that product. You feel that you have insider information, a heads up if you will!

3. Blogging Is Cheap.


Top Beauty Tips: How To Take Care Of Your Skin

Step 1. Cleanse your skin to start with. Why? To remove the dirt and pollutants from the atmosphere that has built up over the course of the day. If you wear make-up it is important that you remove your make-up before reapplying. The type of cleanser you use is a matter of personal choice, whether, you opt for a facial wash, a cleansing lotion or a cream. Make sure you know your skin type first to get the maximum out of your cleanser. You do not have to ‘scrub’ your face clean, treat your skin with respect. After cleansing the next step is toning.

Step 2. Tone, using a cotton pad, start with the ‘T zone’; this covers the forehead, down both sides of your nose, then the area between your bottom lip and your chin. This tends to be the ‘oily area,’ Toner will remove even more dirt from your skin, it also closes your pores. Allow the toner to dry before the next step, applying moisturizer gently all over your face and neck.

Step 3. Moisturizing. Be careful around the eye area, as the skin around the eye area is friable and very thin. It is worth investing in an eye cream, preferably one you can apply at night that will protect and hydrate the eye area. Rub moisturizer between your fingers and then begin sweeping upwards and outwards starting at the neck area, till you have covered the neck and face. Do not apply a lot of pressure, you also do not need to use excessive amounts of cream!

Step 4. Exfoliating – An exfoliator removes dead and dry skin from your body/face. Exfoliators are found in bathing products such as shower gels. This has its advantages as it saves time. Be careful however that you do not use a body exfoliator on your face; the face requires a milder product. You do not need to exfoliate daily!. Weekly is acceptable.

It is probably worth visiting the beauty counter for advice on product type that will suit your skin.

My personal product recommendations: CLARINS Cleanser with Alpine Herbs for dry to normal skin, or the One Step Facial Cleanser for all skin types. A cheaper and very effective gentle skin cleanser is Cetaphil. Toner, try Neutrogena Facial Toning lotion. One of my favourite Moisturizers is Olay Regenerist. Firming eye cream – Perricone MD (available at Sephora). At night for your skin-Estee Lauder Advance Night Repair. Under make-up CLARINS Beauty Flash Balm. Body lotion, try Avon’s skin-so-soft products including shower gels with oil. The Body Shop’s body butter is fabulous. Look for shower gels that include an exfoliator – available in supermarkets and pharmacies.

Of course I have more products in my closet!


3 Skin Beauty Tips Every Woman Should Know About

1. Use Olive Oil Cleansers

You have often been told not to use soap based cleansers as they have a tendency of causing irritations and also clog the skin pores.

A better alternative that many people are not familiar with are Olive oil cleaners.

Unlike soap based cleansers that cause rashes and other skin irritations, Olive oil cleansers will help keep skin soft, smooth and even-toned.

Olive oil cleansers will also keep your skin looking younger because olive oil is rich in antioxidants like vitamin E.

2. Avoid Skincare Products That Contain Parabens

I have often seen many lotions and creams that contain parabens like propyl, butyl, methyl and ethyl paraben; the shocking thing is that cosmetic companies continue to use parabens as preservatives despite the fact that they cause cancers like breast cancer as well as many skin irritations and rashes.

Instead of using products that contain parabens, rather use those products that contain organic ingredients like Natural vitamin E, Avocado oil and Cynergy Tk.

3. Have a Healthy Diet

Having a healthy diet will rejuvenate you and keep you looking younger from the inside out.

Try eating plenty of colourful vegetables and fruits since most are rich in antioxidants.My favorite include pineapple, grapefruit, plum, blueberries, sweet cherries and red apples.

There you have it, 3 easy and effective skin beauty tips you can start applying in your life today.

John Lexon is a dedicated researcher of important issues that affect skin and health. Visit his skincare website now at [] to learn more about the skin beauty tips [] that he recommends after extensive research.