Why Create a Video Biography? Some Reasons For Reluctant Relatives

It’s too much work. I don’t look good on camera. I don’t have much to say. I already have lots of photo albums – why should I make a video? biography

If you’ve tried to convince a reticent parent or grandparent to sit for a video biography interview, you’ve probably heard excuses like these. Than again, maybe you’re the parent or grandparent offering up the excuses. So why is a video biography an invaluable addition to any family history effort? And how can you overcome resistance to such a project, either from other family members or yourself? Here are some answers to those excuses.

It’s too much work. No doubt about it – a video biography requires organization, planning, passion and some technical savvy. But that doesn’t mean the project needs to be overwhelming. If your family is creating the video, the key to success is breaking the process down into steps. If you’re hiring a video biography company to produce the video for you, make sure you find a company that will clearly explain and usher you and your family through each stage of the production – and let you know what role you need to play and what elements you need to provide.

If you’re the one pushing for the video, offer your subject lots of support. Tell him or her you’ll help sort and organize photos, films and memorabilia. Schedule regular visits or phone calls in order to delve into family history and life stories. Tell him/her that you’ll keep all the notes and write the questions; all he/she will have to do is sit down in front of a camera and talk to you. Offer any and all help needed to relieve your subject’s burden (or perceived burden).

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