Curvaceous HTC Tatto

The HTC family has some of the most stunning handsets in the league and HTC Tatto is one such phone with 3G Smartphone features. The handset has some remarkable features removal that make it distinctive from the rest of the lot. The phone has a curvaceous body and that is a high point in the phone. The basic dimensions and specifications of the phone include following:

There are lot many qualities in the handset and to start with, the basic dimensions of the phone are 10.6cm by 5.52cm by 1.4cm. The total weight of the phone is 113 grams along with the weight of the batteries.The handset is in possession of a touch screen that is 2.8 inches when you measure it diagonally. The screen displays 65 thousand colours so that the user can enjoy wallpapers and snaps.The phone comes with the most perfect Qualcomm processor and that makes the speed of the phone quick.

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