Does Your Comfort Zone Stop You From Doing What You Want to Do?

Are you sitting comfortably? Then I’ll begin.

What exactly is a comfort zone? To be honest, I’m not at all sure. It’s one of those terms that are bandied about in a way that makes me think that even if I don’t know what it means – I probably should, so I’d better pretend that I do.

I’m not a great one for pretence so I have to own up to having an idea of what it means, but would hesitate to provide a definition. The idea of a comfort zone is largely based on exactly what it sounds like it means – the zone in which I am comfortable. But that’s when we get into the first area of confusion. I’m usually comfortable in my armchair, next to the radiator reading a fascinating book; or watching something really entertaining on tv. I’m also usually comfortable in my armchair when I’m watching something really not that interesting on tv and I fall asleep.

So does comfort zone mean my armchair? It is after all, very soft and comfortable with a back that’s high enough to support my head and shaped to facilitate that thing that blokes do which is to slide slowly down so that the back is horizontal with neck bent at right angles to watch tv.

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