My Honest Review of John Reese’s Outsource Force?

So you’re looking for a review of John Reese’s Outsource Force?

Well let me just tell you straight up that I am not going to be repeating the same crap you find everywhere else on the net…

FACT IS: It is almost impossible to find an unbiased, honest review online these days. It seems everyone is doing the same thing, simply trying to convince you to buy the product so they make money instead of giving you the cold hard facts, whether good or bad, to help you make up your mind…

I can’t stand those who just try to sell, sell, sell constantly so I am just going to tell you straight up what I think…

What is Outsource Force?

Simply put, Outsource Force is a course put together by John Reese teaching the “$2 Per Hour” power formula for those who want to do less work and make more money! You shouldn’t have to do everything on your own. Image if you had 10 clones of yourself who were just as productive as you at performing day to day tasks that slow you down. You would make a lot more money, wouldn’t you? Well that is the Idea behind Outsource Force.

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