When the Dust Settles… After 2020

Several years ago, I wrote a book called “Handling Critical Moments with Grace”. When you think about how a person handles important moments, think of their choices as elegant, beautiful, supple, agile, smooth, flowing, etc. Unfortunately, because developing Grace takes practice, few of our most intense moments end gracefully.

To define critical moment for this article, think of your reaction to everything that is happening as a potential critical moment. If you are having an intense emotional reaction to an event, circumstance, or events, you can personally define it as a critical moment for you. Groups of people can also have critical moments.

If we think about the year 2020 as a series of critical moments that have affected many of us at an emotional level, we can then ask ourselves how we are doing as cultures, countries, societies or humans in handling a time that seems filled with critical moments? In the United States, we have George Floyd, the pandemic, the elections of 2020, and the aftermath of those elections, “peaceful protests”, financial uncertainty and other related events that are shaking our realities.

There are consistencies to great (graceful) responses that deserve our consideration for our individual and collective reactions to intense times.

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