Learn How You Can Become a Rich, Famous & Successful Author

You must have a dream of becoming a rich, famous and successful author since you are reading this. I am willing to bet that you love to write or really enjoy reading books. I had the dream of becoming a book author when I was younger, but instead I started writing informative articles all around the internet to capture all my passions.

You may want to become a rich and famous author by writing a nonfiction book like I once dreamed of. However you should question yourself if you possess the capability and will power to gain the knowledge necessary to become a nonfiction author. Do not trick yourself with the motivation you gained from the latest book you read. Becoming a famous author will be a pain staking and long journey no matter what type of author you dream of becoming. However people take notice to nonfiction authors more so than fiction authors even though there are several famous fiction authors.

However there is a huge market in today’s world providing plenty of room for a well written book. Most famous authors become famous by writing a good nonfiction book. In order to write a best selling nonfiction book it will have to be original and suit various types of people. Take your time to create a topic no other author has opened. You imagination is the key in writing a popular nonfiction book. So If you do not have a good imagination you may want to figure out a good fiction book you could write.

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