Strongest Commercial Grade Heavy Duty Dog Crate Cage for Strong Dogs – The Real Thing

I am addressing real heavy duty dog crates cages here. The heavy duty dog crate is a larger crate typically for a strong canine. The crate may simply contain a healthy strong dog or, it may be used as a tool to manage separation anxiety or some other type of anxiety in dogs. Dogs that love to chew any crate or cage is only one of many other reasons for needing to contain your dog while you are away from home.

A Real Heavy Duty dog crate cage is not made out of wire.

The Strongest Dog Crate Cage will have the following features:

Vertical and Horizontal Walls

Covering the most important feature first please know that the best Heavy Duty commercial grade dog crate has 20 gauge tubes that make up the walls. The strongest crates have tubes that are welded at both ends for strength. In fact, each place metal touches metal should be welded. In addition it will have two horizontal strengthening ribs around the dog crate as a backup security feature. This helps to make the walls so much stronger.

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