Drive Car Using Water – Change Your Driving Habits

A car consumer the most fuel when it is accelerating. It is just another simple law of physics. A moving car however does not need much fuel to keep moving. But in the real world, in order to keep your ride smooth, you need to keep the car moving.

For example, from all the driver i see on the roads, 30 percent of them cannot control their speed using just the acceleration pedal. Instead, i always see them speeding up and slamming on the brake almost immediately.

You are not only making the driver following behind very nervous, and also making him to speed and brake constantly. This happen 90% of the time. In fact, it is easy to maintain your speed when u are in a long traffic jam. Just try to leave a bit more space between your car and the one in front.

2. Hybrid Cars

If you happen to own one of the hybrid cars, the following statement apply most to you. Try not to do fast braking. Hybrids car are known to have the ability to convert your braking power into electrical power which is store in the batteries. But this will only give you that much power. If there is a need to decelerate fast, your brake will be engage and the power will be lost. When you are approaching a traffic light, press your brake a lot sooner rather than slamming on the braking. By applying this method, before your car come to a complete stop at the red light junction, the light would have already change to green, thus you can keep some of your inertia. In return, it not only improves your car fuel efficiency, and also save more fuel.

3. Switch off your Air Con

I would say this tips apply to certain area only. For me, i would never even think of switching off my air con in the summer. I knew that the compressor load on the motor of my vehicle, which also reduce my fuel efficiency.

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