Non-Financial Tips for Retirement Planning

A solid financial strategy is crucial for retirement planning. Many professionals have the knowledge and expertise to assist people with these details. However, people should not neglect other areas when mapping out these years. Learn about the important details that you must also consider regarding this golden time.

The Honeymoon Phase

The shift from a busy career to endless free days can be more challenging than you think. It is typical for new retirees to experience a “honeymoon” phase in the first weeks and months after they stop working. During this phase, you might catch up on chores around the house. You could also engage in hobbies that you have not had time to pursue during your career. Some people opt to just relax for a few weeks or months with little structure to their days. This can be especially appealing for people who have experienced high levels of stress in their jobs. However, the honeymoon phase will end at some point, and you need a plan to ensure that you remain engaged and involved with life.

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