Long-Term Care Insurance Can Help You Stay in the Comfort of Your Own Home

For most people, the comfort of home is an unparalleled feeling. So it’s understandable why many people choose to stay in their own homes as long as possible, even when facing the challenges associated with aging.

However, the effect of providing care for a family member can be a strain physically, emotionally and financially. In a survey of people who purchased long-term care insurance from one major insurance company, 41 percent said they did so because they didn’t want to be a burden on their family.

Many of the baby boomer generation have seen their parents or other family members deal with long-term care issues and have even had to act as a caregiver for an aging parent themselves. This generation is determined to not place the same burden on their children.

A common misconception about long-term care insurance is that it only provides coverage for nursing home care. However, many long-term care insurance policies offer coverage for necessary home modifications, home health aides as well as homemaker services that can help lessen the effect on family members

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