Business Travel In a 4G World – A Game Changer

The world seems a lot different than it used to be, especially while traveling in a region with a 4G network or an LCE network. The reason being is that you have all the information known to mankind at your fingertips or via your voice and personal digital friend Siri. No longer do business travelers have to worry that they are not getting the information they need about their travels, no longer can they be suckered by some local hustler at an airport, taxi cab, or from a chauffeur, concierge, or shoe-shiner.

In fact, no need to ask directions, vector until you find what you are looking for, or worry about driving that luxury rent-a-car into the wrong neighborhood. Your personal tech tools won’t let you, as you have real time GPS, alerts, and all the knowledge of where you are going along with instant traffic updates. Yes, you are no-doubt being tracked by some agency, but as long as it is not your competition, what do you care anyway – “go business traveler – you go!” as the commercial says.

And if there is a cheaper flight, alternate route, or smart place to eat which matches your expense allowance or needs, you are pre-alerted just about the time you get hungry as the AI software knows how you think, which time zone you came from and your typical time to eat. Like Google says, the algorithms today can know what you want before you do, scary yes, but convenient; hell yes!

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