The King Air 350

The King Air 350 is the latest in a long line of exceptional short field performance turbo prop aircraft. The first, the 100 series began flying in the 1960s and with many advancements and modifications later, the 300 series, namely the 350 arrived on the scene. The Air King selection on aircraft has flown more than 10 billion miles since 1964, which is the equivalent of 143 round trip flights to Mars. How’s that for a reputable and functional aircraft?

Because of its size and the fact its a turbo prop jet, the King Air 350 can land on runways that are as short as 3300 feet. This means that your team can fly in to a city and bypass the major, commercial airport in favour of a smaller one that may just be closer to your destination. It has a 55 cubic foot baggage area that is in the main cabin so your team has access to everything they will need throughout the flight and there is even a flushing toilet in the lavatory that also features a solid wood privacy door.

As for seating, it is plush and comfortable, affording the whole team plenty of leg, elbow, shoulder and head room. There is seating for up to nine and of course this can be configured to custom arrangements or held fast in the specified seating configuration, depending on your needs.

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