Harmful Bugs To Development: Poor Attitudes Towards Work

An age-long setback to societal, national and global development has been poor work ethics exhibited by employees at workplaces. These workers who are the blood of every industry or institution are accountable for the achievement and/or progression of the set goals of the company which eventually leads to the attainment of national development. Any lackadaisical attitude on their part would ultimately affect the development of the nation. This article pinpoints the poor work ethics that are the contributing factors to the redundancy at workplaces and offers suggestions on how they can be addressed.

Lateness to work has been identified as one of the major unethical attitudes of the workers. The majority of them report an hour or two after the time they are set to report to work. Upon their arrival, they walk carefree into the offices of co-workers blowing the horn of their presence. This eats into the time allotted for work. This situation has to be censored by these workers by their supervisors who must intensify their supervisory and monitoring duties.

Supervisors at the various workplaces must issue written queries to perpetual latecomers after several verbal warnings. This would put these workers on their toes to report early to increase their individual productivity in the institution of work. Institutions that can afford electronic identification devices like face, thumb, and voice recognition devices must place them at the entrances of their institutions to capture the actual reporting times of employees. Occasionally, punishment instituted must be administered to monitor lateness. Institutions that do not have the financial strength to purchase these devices can effectively utilize the time book under the surveillance of the superior supervisor.

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