Why the 1% Percenters Are Better Than You

Bet that headline really grabbed your attention didn’t it? Bet you’re filled with righteous indignation and can’t wait to prove me wrong. Because you’re on the side of good and righteousness and want to help mankind, while the 1 percenters are evil and looking to destroy it.

Sounds fair, so let’s get started.

Before I point out why the 1 percenters are better than you, I’ll begin by showing you the defectiveness of your thinking, your lack of courage and your inability to see the reality of your situation.

I’ll begin with the mantra drilled into your head since childhood. The mantra of “Get a good education so you can get a good job.” That certainly sounded logical, didn’t it? Nobody wants to be saddled with a low paying, dead end job. So you went along and worked hard to acquire both. And I’ll bet you’re passing down that very same mantra to your own children.

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