Building a More Ethical Society

The influence of modern global organisations has grown exponentially over the last 20 years. Domestic monopolies and global conglomerates have taken the role of “City States“, a role that nations used to play in influencing society, and shaping the big decisions of modern times. Corporates have grown more powerful than any individual citizen, politician, president or monarch. They have a disproportionate impact on our tastes, views, food, clothes, and decisions; almost every aspect of how we live our modern lives are developed in boardrooms, and not in parliaments or courts. We ask… how do organisations know right from wrong? Is it the culture and ethics of the organisation that determine this? As a result of their unyielding influence, is it not important to society and the future that organisations are ethical?

Collective experience should be gathered to design, build and implement values based. Thus, we could flag the barriers to overcome, the potential pitfalls, and biggest risks to successful implementation. A model of addressing the current societal need of how to create ethical practice in our organisations, political office, etc. while bringing back purpose over profit and ego into focus should be introduced.

The loss of public trust towards large corporations (e.g. oil and gas, media, financial services etc. the list goes on), public servants (e.g. politicians and police) and religion creates a unique window of opportunity. Activist groups and academics believe this period in time provides a reformation type backdrop for societies around the world. We should focus on creating opportunities for new political philosophies to surface.

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