Professional Review Of The Team Beach Body System

Between the infomercials that are constantly on TV, and the 40,000+ coaches in the United States, it is more than likely that you have either heard of the Team Beach Body system, or some of it’s products, which include P90X, Insanity, Shakeology, and many others.

First, let’s review the products. The most popular of the Beach Body products is by far P90X. This workout series, which includes 12 workout DVDs, has been supported by claim after claim that it delivers quality, effective workouts, and gives real results. Real or not? Looking at it through the eye of someone with a Physical Education background, here is a straight forward review.

P90X uses a variety of techniques, including weighted exercises, body weight exercises, cardio, interval, along with quality stretching workouts, such as yoga. This is important because it is crucial to hit your body in a variety of ways in order to achieve optimal results in a fitness program. Tony Horton, the trainer behind the program, walks you through each workout, and does a great job of motivating you to get through the workouts. I look at P90X as a great program for anyone, whether you are a couch potato or an athlete, looking to improve their fitness level. Tony runs you through proper warm ups, effective workouts, and great cool downs, helping insure minimal soreness, and maximum effectiveness.

Insanity is another workout from Team Beach Body system that is growing in popularity. The first time that I came across this workout was in a middle school, where the students were working out to it. A few things jumped out at me. Is the workout effective? Yes. The program definitely demands a lot out of you. Is it for everyone? No. This program is definitely not for someone new to fitness. They do not hide this in the DVD, seeing as how it started with warning after warning that it is an advanced program. They are not kidding when they say that. If you are already in great shape, and are looking to add something new to your workout, I recommend P90X.

P90X and Insanity are just 2 of the programs that Team Beach Body offers. There are more than 15 all together. What many people that order the Team Beach Body products don’t know is that the company uses the Network Marketing business model. This means that they have individuals (coaches) that build their business. Think of it as each coach is a McDonald’s, and the company is Hamburger University.

How does Team Beach Body rate as a business opportunity?
Like any Network Marketing business, this company has it’s pros and it’s cons.


– Quality products

– Affordable start up cost

– The reward the hard workers – every sale through the infomercials is credited to a coach in the company

– Generous compensation


– Lack of training for coaches on current marketing trends

– The low start up cost leads to a lot of people joining that are not serious about putting in the work

When comparing the system to other network marketing companies out there, it ranks very well. This is because it focuses on a major industry (health and fitness), it offers it’s coaches multiple income sources (direct sales and team building), and it has an affordable start up cost (less than $50).

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