Keeping in Touch While Traveling the Globe With Satellite Internet

When Travel Blog traveling in foreign countries, keeping in touch with your loved ones can be one of the most important parts of feeling connected to your life. Most people who travel rely heavily on this method of communication. This might be why you see so many Internet cafes in cities that have a high volume of tourists. This is the story of one woman who made her way around the globe over the course of a year, and she wouldn’t have been able to do it without the help of satellite Internet access.

Anna began her around the world trip 6 months ago. When she began, she felt a variety of different emotions ranging from excitement to nervousness to elation. One of her concerns of the unknown was how easy it would be to keep in touch with her loved ones while she was away for an entire year. Anna had decided to write a blog detailing her travel experiences and sharing photos with her family and friends, but she wasn’t sure how much access to the Internet or what type of access she would have. Anna was surprised to find that it was quite easy to find Internet access. Even in the most back woods places in the world they had satellite Internet. It was a real testament to how much the world is now relying on this type of communication.

Anna began to realize that the real challenge that she had with keeping her travel blog up to date was time, not access to Internet. She had been lucky in finding plenty of places with high-speed cable or satellite Internet to upload her photos in a short amount of time, but she found her days so full of sightseeing and experiencing her trip that she barely had the patience for even the shortest updates on the blog.

Then, Anna began to truly appreciate the access she had to information when one day her purse was stolen in a busy market. Unfortunately, the purse contained her credit card, her camera, and her passport. Three things that are very important to a traveler. Luckily, Anna had some cash at her hostel and the hostel also provided free satellite Internet. Over the course of a few days she was able to cancel and reorder a new card, get her new passport ordered, and file a claim with her insurance company. These things would have been considerably more difficult if it hadn’t been for the ease of access to the Internet. She was able to, not only search for the information she needed to put her affairs back in order, but also to call the necessary people via Skype.

Anna also relied heavily on the Internet when it came to keeping in touch with the new friends she made along the way. As any backpacker knows, you make fast and strong bonds with people when you are traveling. Anna counted some of her friends that she made along the way as some of the best friends she had. Parting ways after traveling together for a while was always difficult, but it was a comfort to know that they would stay up to date on each other’s lives via email, Skype, and Facebook.

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