Everything You Need to Know About Empower Network

Building a profitable blog or online business takes time and a lot of dedication. Many successful internet marketers can attest to that. Aside from this, it can also be costly to find a good hosting service and understand all the other technical requirements there is to know about building a successful website. One may also spend hundreds or thousand of dollars on different online marketing trainings but still end up with no results. What is it about Empower Network that sets it apart from other online training programs? What can one expect out of this program?

First, the Empower Network is very transparent in what it is and what it’s not. It is all about teaching members how the blogging processes can be simplified and how network marketing or referral marketing can be used hand in hand with blogging to generate higher amount of traffic and consequently increase conversion rates. It is not an MLM program where the main product is the training itself and members have no other means to earn money other than by referring other people to join the site. It’s has all the elements that every online marketer – new or old – needs to know in order to succeed in this business.

What else is there to know about Empower Network? David Wood, one of the owners of the company, found out that all his skills and techniques in online marketing can never be duplicated 100% by everyone he mentors. Old people may have his enthusiasm and vast knowledge on a specific niche, but lack the technical skills to succeed. Younger people, on the other hand, may not have enough experiences in life to share in order to make his or her site more interesting. With this in mind, Wood focused on developing a program that can help anyone duplicate his expertise and make it big in the online marketing industry.

In just a span of two weeks since it was launched in October 2011, the site was able to gather thousands of paid members and pay out hundreds of thousands in commissions. With the 100% commission payout, one can basically learn all the techniques being taught by this program and get back his investment just by referring someone to join the program as well. This compensation plan alone is more than enough to attract lots of online marketers, most of which have spent lots of hours and money learning the basics of online marketing and ending up with no significant results.

What’s also interesting about Empower Network is that it utilizes camaraderie and cooperation among members in order to generate more traffic and yield more conversions for every member. It is like having a blog that is shared by hundreds or even thousands of people that are posting regularly. As one’s Empower Network blog increases page rank, it can also help increase the traffic going to one’s independent blog, thus generating more profits and sales conversion in the process. This can also be a means for someone to earn a decent amount while in the process of setting up his own website.

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