The LinkedIn Badge As a Social Networking Promotion Tool on Your Blog

You Have Finally Found Your LinkedIn Badge – That Was Hard. Where to use it, now? Well, due to the ‘seriousness’ of this Professional Networking portal, you are presented a very few designs available for badges.

LinkedIn offers you only ten designs, plus one more special for the TypePad users that beams you up right into the TypePad’s TypeLists widget management system. You will stay put and have nothing to tweak or configure, I should say. It’s straight and simple, quite spartan design.

The badge you’re getting has a sole purpose: to link back to your own LinkedIn Public Profile page. Actually, it is only an image (a proprietary one) that may be added with no fuss to any online portals or social networks, blogging platform or your own sites.

Having no JavaScript (it’s a html – href with an img src – tag) you’ll find yourself easy to insert it into your TypePad, MySpace, or Blogger template. I’ll exemplify from my direct experience with my WordPress blog. It is just the best example. Here’s how I did it…

Inserting LinkedIn Badge into your WordPress Sidebar

  • Login as admin into your WordPress dashboard
  • Select Setting on the upper right side of the screen
  • Click on Design
  • Then on Widgets
  • And Finally the Text category with the Add Arbitrary text or HTML link
  • That opens the widget editor to the right
  • Give it a nice title like ‘Look at me’ or whatever you may dream of
  • Copy/paste the html code previously taken from LinkedIn’s Badge
  • Click Change to the bottom-left
  • Then Save Changes
  • And Visit Site to check it

That’s about all. You will have now a very nice badge inside one of the widget areas on your blog’s sidebar. Nice! Go promote it! It will bring you back, in time many kinks and, of course, free traffic. Enjoy!

Steve Lorenzo

The VaultBoss @ The KnowHow Vault Blog

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