How to Create a Website That Supports Your Articles

What should the readers see when they click through your site from the resource box section of your article? Should you direct them to the home page or are there any other options?

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, I keep telling you about the importance of relevancy in each part of in the article marketing process. A good article should end with a highly related resource box. This box itself should contain a link or two to a web page offering more related information.

Let’s think out of the box for the moment. Once you know what to offer along the way, how should you provide it?

People who read your articles rarely have the same knowledge, skills and preferences about a topic. For instance, A may have just started researching about that topic, while B has already been involved with the topic to certain extent and needs some other information.

One may prefer to get informational emails while the other likes to browse from one web site to another. Understanding about content consumption is critical to the success of email marketing.

Instead of offering a subscription form that forces people into entering their name and contact information, you should also consider offering links to more related information on the same page.

People who prefer to browse web pages may prefer to read a few more articles before they decide to opt in and be part of your mailing list.

Many marketers suggest that if you have a few links in the name squeeze page, you may distract the visitors from the most wanted response (subscribing to the list) and click on those links. It is true to some extents, but if your offer is so compelling, they should automatically draw to that offer instead of clicking away.

This method is worth a try. Provide more information as links at the bottom of the name squeeze page. Don’t forget to link back from those other pages to the subscription form or provide the same form in every single page.

Track the results closely. That is the only way you can be sure about which is better.

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