9 Advantages Of Using A Handsfree

You’re driving along and your phone rings. What’s the worst that could happen if you just answered it?

Well, increasingly this is being frowned upon in many countries as being potentially very dangerous.

If you answer the phone, there’s the issue of not only driving one-handed but also just reaching for your phone to answer it you may lose your concentration on the road for a couple of seconds.

Imagine what can happen on a motorway in a couple of seconds if you are driving at speed. You regain your concentration, another car has braked in front of you, you have no time to react and you’ve run into the back of them.

There are various options available to you that would allow you to answer your phone safely in your car but still allow you full concentration on your driving.

One of these is by using a Bluetooth Handsfree Car Kit which you attach to your car’s sun visor.

Advantages Of Using A Handsfree Car Kit

Improved Safety

By allowing you to keep both hands on the wheel whilst you’re taking a call, you’re fully in control of your vehicle. Taking the call is then just like speaking to someone sitting in the passenger seat.


Many of the latest smartphones allow voice dialling and many Handsfree Kits also can take advantage of this. At the press of a button on your car kit, you can say who you want to call and your phone will automatically dial the number requested.

Some devices are also able to announce the caller to you before you answer or a LCD screen so you can see who’s calling.

For those who need to do business outside of the office and to stay in contact, having a Bluetooth Handsfree Car Kit is a really effective solution.

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