Why Businesses Need MFA

Business owners looking to protect their companies against online threats should take a hard look at upgrading their passwords and adding a second protective layer of authentication. This is called Multi-factor authentication or MFA.

These extra layers of protection should not be overlooked to guard your most sensitive data. In fact it has become one of the most effective security measures available. It involves using two or more steps of verification when logging into an account.

The first of line of verification is usually the password. After the correct password has been entered, a second step is initiated. This usually comes in the form of a passcode that can be sent to a filed phone number or email address. This ensures the person entering the password is the same one in control of the account.

In many cases the second, or even third level of authentication, takes the form of a biometric. This can include fingerprints or face ID scans, many now commonly used as part of security on mobile devices.

These added steps can keep hackers at bay. They may guess one’s password but the added protection makes it extremely difficult to penetrate your system.

Many hackers and cyber thieves have sophisticated means to breach the security systems of large corporations. Yet the easiest way for a cyber-criminal to penetrate a data base is through human error.

An unsuspecting employee can click the wrong link on an email. Suddenly the cyber thieves have the person’s log in details. This is a common occurrence and points to the importance of employee education with regards to cyber security.

Despite the employee’s mistake, it will not be harmful if MFA is in place. The hacker may be able to obtain log-in details, yet they won’t be able to gain access without further steps of verification.

Passcodes sent to particular phone numbers and email addresses, or biometric verification steps, can send the intruder packing and to search for cyber prey elsewhere.

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