Change the World’s Story by Changing Your Own Story

Because you are reading this, you already realize that your choices determine the qualities of the life you experience. As you look at today’s world it is easy to focus on the terrible challenges that we face, and to forget that they really represent greater opportunities than our species has ever faced. Everything is connected.

To recognize this, you need to “Question authority and think for yourself” as great philosophers have suggested since at least the time of Socrates! You need to break away from the horror stories of the mainstream media, which maintains much of its focus on sensational disasters and problems and seldom provides encouragement and inspiration.

While all the worst things are going on, we are also evolving rapidly in the directions our species must go to create a sustainable future for our descendants and for the Earth itself. Without a healthy and thriving environment, nobody on the planet can hope for a good life. The good news is that the Earth itself remains alive and dynamic. It still supports us and all of the living things we know about. Only this cannot be taken for granted, for if we continue to act unconsciously, we still endanger our planet and ourselves.

To really understand what is happening, you need to look deeply within yourself. It may sound strange at first, but all that you imagine is going on in the world “out there” is really happening inside of you. We easily slip into the common belief that the world “out there” exists independent of our participation-only in simple fact it does not!

This is not to say that the world we live in is not real, or is totally an illusion. Still for the most part the world is not what we think it is. It is not an objective external reality. What we all experience-you and me and everyone, no exceptions-is actually images generated within our own brain and nervous system, composed of sensory data and thoughts and interpretations about it. It is merely mind-stuff.

Accepting this reality, that most of what we believe about the nature of things is not correct, is not a problem in fact. Actually it empowers you as a co-creator of all that you experience. The Universe is actually not only participatory; the Universe is supportive. How you experience it depends crucially on your own attitude.

You, me, and everyone on Earth are made of the same basic stardust. That has everything to do with what we are and the limitless possibilities we share. You are the author of your own experience. When you change your own story, your view of the world changes.

The world is ready for an up-to-date overview that merges scientific breakthroughs with what really works from spiritual traditions. Both are part of your story and tell you about your place in the scheme of things.

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