Ideas to Use “Found Time” During

It’s no longer “business as usual” to say the least. During this COVID-19 pandemic, nothing is as usual.

You may have found yourself working from home – with or without children to care for – or discovering that many of your customers have shut down operations, so you’re wondering what to do with this “found time” in your schedule.

This could be an ideal opportunity to tackle those items on your business “to-do” list that you’ve neglected far too long. Here are 7 ideas to help you take back a bit of control in your business and prepare for when things get back to a new “normal.”

1. Check out the competition.

Go online and “creep” your competitors. What are they doing? What new products and services are they offering? What are they saying?

Obviously, you don’t want to copy what they’re doing or saying – but this can be an ideal time to find out how you can stand apart.

Look at the competition in your area and then see what others are offering in other countries. Then consider what you can do differently or what can you add to your roster that shows you’re a leader in your industry.

2. Review your Website and other marketing materials.

Is it time for an update? Often, creating new or updated content for your business is pushed to the backburner as you bring on new customers or work to deepen relationships with existing clients.

Now’s the time to read through your Website with fresh eyes – the eyes of your customer – and make sure the message you’re sending is the one you want others to read.

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