The Need Of Shears For Hair Salons

Upgrading looks is one of the most essential parts of every one’s regular routine in order to be ahead. A proper haircut will enhance your client’s persona because it will give positive vibes to people around. Stepping into a salon at regular intervals is a necessary task in every one’s life in order to add glamor to their personality. Thus, as a hairstylist you will be able to lend attractive appearance by using shears on your client’s hair when needed.

Every one has a dream to be center of attraction or to get noticed in the best possible way. Getting hair stylized can be effective in creating a positive impact on the onlookers. A hairstylist must choose hair styles in an apt way which will suit the facial structure of the person. Now, let us focus on the tools needed in order to style hair.

It is a fact that these tools are the essential tools that are required for being trained in this field of hair structuring. If you are interested to become a hairdresser and planning to open your salon then you need to be well equipped with the tools and skills that will aid you in being an expert.


Why One Is The Most Dangerous Number In Business

Dear Friend,

Recently I had a client who came to me in desperate need of more business.

Here’s the story…

He had been in the construction business for only a short time, two years to be exact. And during that time he got off to a flying start.

He was inundated with a constant flow of work from the only client he had. He had a predictable stream of income and never had to worry about being out of work…

That was until his client decided to retire and drive off into the sunset.

In the blink of an eye my client was out of work and his income dried up.

What’s worse is that he had zero knowledge on how to market his business effectively.

That’s when he came to me and asked me to put things right… (which I did of course).

What does this have to do with you?

If you’re a business owner and you’re only relying on one freelance copywriter, then you’re making a massive mistake.

Here’s how it goes.

Any decent freelance copywriter will have more than a few clients on his books and will almost always be busy masterminding their next winner.

You see, creating copy takes an immense amount of time and research. And in order for us copywriters to keep our clients happy and craft copy that generates a bushel of money, we must give all of our attention to one project at a time.

And when the time comes for you to call on your copywriter to whip up a winner (because you’re in need of a fast cash flow surge etc)…

You’ll have to wait!

Meaning that you could be missing out on much needed business.

Listen, the business world is moving at a 100 miles an hour and you need to constantly be moving and keeping up with your competition. Only having one copywriter on your books will severely handicap you.

The time WILL come when you urgently need your copywriter to bash out a winner.

You need to seriously consider having at least two top drawer copywriters on your books that you can call upon whenever you want.

This way you’ll never have to put anything on hold because of someone else’s work schedule and you’ll KNOW that your copywriter is going to get to work on producing a blockbuster piece of copy for you almost immediately.

Anyway, until next time.



How Being Honest and Authentic

Perception can be a powerful thing. As entrepreneurs, sometimes we see ourselves as honest, while our employees see us as brutally honest. Sometimes we see ourselves as balanced and our peers see us as lazy. The hard truth is that the way we want to be seen is often incongruent with how we’re actually seen. It’s the same with companies. Sometimes we have an internal understanding of who we are that doesn’t match how our customers see us. It all comes down to branding.

A year ago, my team and I had a day-long discussion about our branding, in which we were upfront and honest about what our company is and is not. For twelve hours, we discussed our values, strengths and passions, while highlighting the unique qualities that separate our brand from others. It was a cathartic and much-needed session that allowed us to take a hard look at our customer service, our offerings and, most importantly, our identity within our industry. Over the years, I’ve learned that these exercises are integral to achieving continued business success because understanding, communicating, re-evaluating and maintaining your company’s brand is an active process.

The first step in our branding session was to have a clear vision of who we are and who we want to become. To determine our own brand, we spent a big chunk of time distilling and clarifying our purpose: Why are we in business and what are we trying to accomplish? We gathered feedback and wrote down where we want to be in one, five and 10 years, and then we asked ourselves how we would get there and how we want our brand to be perceived. We concluded this part of the session by hashing out and determining our company’s philosophy on everything from selling to marketing. We realized that in order to maintain our success, we must have a transparent and measurable brand.

While highlighting the unique qualities that separate our brand from others. It was a cathartic and much-needed session that allowed us to take a hard look at our customer service, our offerings and, most importantly, our identity within our industry. Over the years, I’ve learned that these exercises are integral to achieving continued business success because understanding, communicating, re-evaluating and maintaining your company’s brand is an active process.

It’s the same with companies. Sometimes we have an internal understanding of who we are that doesn’t match how our customers see us. It all comes down to branding.


Enjoy Enhanced Real Estate Lead

What is a Responsive Website Design?

Of late, a good deal has been spoken and heard about responsive website designs in general. More and more, real estate companies are seen taking up the cover of responsive website designs mainly because of the severe competition that is prevalent in the real estate field and so also to bring on board and retain their present and prospective customers at large. Let us now get a peek-a-boo into the concept of responsive designs.

Responsive design has come to be recognized as the ultimate “one for all” component. Moreover, this is one such technique that has been developed in order to do away with the need to build and launch a number of different websites for the various devices as well as screen sizes available in the market. In short, such a design in known to be absolutely compatible with each and every device irrespective of its make, ergonomics and even in-built features for that matter. All in all, you are sure to get a taste of the optimal viewing experience with the implementation of such a new technology. Let us now move ahead to familiarize ourselves with the importance of responsive website design in the area of real estate.

Need to Blend Responsive Website Design with Real Estate Business:

Responsive Website Design and Real Estate Business have come to be recognized as spot on synonyms. A responsive design is known to contribute heavily towards the success of a real estate business. This is definitely in more than one way. Let us now see how.

A Responsive Website Design – Every User’s Best Friend:

First and foremost, a responsive website design is known to be absolutely user friendly. An uncomplicated user interface is sure to delight users in a massive way. Moreover, even if the most non tech-savvy individuals were to try their hands on such a website, it is quite obvious that these users are sure to enjoy a sufficient level of ease and convenience as far as navigating on the website is concerned.

A Delighful & Interactive Website Experience:

Apart from this, a responsive website design adopted by a particular real estate company is sure to make the surfing experience a highly interactive one for all its present and prospective clients. Moreover, any and every individual who seems to seek any information from the website of the real estate company in question need not get their hands on a laptop, computer or smartphone which comes complete with one of its kind specifications in order to run the same. In short, any laptop, smartphone, tablet or desktop computer that you happen to own, is sure to offer you an equivalent viewing experience.

Need to Retain Your Present Customers:

Just imagine your real estate company unveiling a highly complicated website that requires specific expertise on the part of the user. If this is the case, then most of your prospective customers are likely to move away in search of simpler alternatives, which inturn is sure to negatively impact your business as well as the bottom line in particular. Even if a customer is happy with the kind of offerings that you have brought to the table, just the inability of not being able to run your website and missing on the opportunity of getting to know your company better is likely to drive away your customer to your competitor. This is one critical reasons that lays down importance on usage of a responsive website design for your real estate business unit.


Social Media to Commercial Real Estate

In any commercial real estate business, you always have to associate with and enhance your primary consumer interaction. This is as significant as finalizing a deal in a the industry. To give important to your consumer interaction, you always find direct meetings as one of the most important tool to enhance the overall result of what you’re planning for. Nonetheless, Social Media(SM) interaction has now become a powerful tool to interact with your consumer and respond them so in a better way.

Social Media as a Building Tool

It’s true that being a real estate business person, you have to set up databases to check all deals and details of your business very carefully. The more you analyze your business with quality databases, the most you will get out of it. However, today, even big commercial Realtors and brokers are using social media techniques not only to attract the customers, nit to maximize their business marketing outputs. Many online websites and software’s are not maximizing the commercial real estate business outputs. It’s been observed that businessmen, who are using SM as a marketing and branding tool, are maximizing their outputs more than 30 % of what the businessmen gain without using this technique.

Social Media As a Changing Factor For Marketing:

For any business-including marketing of your brand is very important. This means that if you’re running a company, you should know how to market it and its offerings. You have to focus and accept the fact that you’re not the only commercially recognized real estate company in the town. More than hundreds of brokers and businessmen are trying to get the most from the customers. So, you can say that the real estate business competition is indeed tough and giving a tough time to many realtors, who are still using outdated ways to market their company and get the attention of the users.

Why not use an effective social media technique to market your company. If you can link yourself to the internet, you can also promote and market your company to the online world too.

Social Media-Maximizing your Earnings with Effective Social Media Tools:

Many commercial business clients always try to wait for a better time to contact their consumer and don’t even bother to market their company and make contact more often. To get out of this troubling cause, you can focus on the online SM tools that can better market your company and can make a strong bond between you and your consumers. The online SM tools include the following:


Telling a Great Story

Building a website for marketing purposes is a continuous, essential and developing campaign. Its main goal is to address consumer concerns, share stories of success and turn prospects into long term clients. Web-based marketing is essential to your business along with your marketing ideas, real estate services, strategies and tools.

Websites are meant to be found. When you’re building a website, it means you want your prospects to see what you’re offering. Every professional is faced with the challenge of constructing a website that attracts a wide range of demographics. So is there a simple, less complicated way of making your site more attractive? Of course.

To spark the interest of prospects, tell them a good story.

HTML may matter but real estate marketing requires more than just that. Some may venture into broadcast marketing through the radio or some other form of broadcast media. A video shot to perfection and a direct-to-the-point landing page may also solicit lots of interests.

Creating a great story means answering these important questions: (1) What’s my story?; (2) Is my story interesting enough to pique the curiosity of others? If you can answer these questions with conviction, then that means you need to start your online real estate marketing campaign TODAY.

So your SEO efforts have generated clicks and warm leads. Moreover, you’ve successfully climbed to the top of search engine results. What comes after this? After clicking and exploring your website, what’s next?

Is there any correspondence between you and the person/s who clicked through your site? Records show you’ve had several clicks in the last few days. How come no one touched base? Something’s really fishy then. Perhaps your site lacks a good story?

Res ipsa loquitur, your services and/or products must speak for themselves. Altogether, they constitute the good story your prospects need to hear. Besides a set of carefully chosen words to give prospects an overview of the real estate service and/or product you’re offering, you should also exert effort to give your brand a professional look.

Avoid exaggerated marketing spiels. Without overstating or understating, simply highlight the advantages of your products and/or services and the benefits your clients can reap. Zooming in on the advantages and benefits is one way of making clients trust you. You should also provide authentic information about your business including company history, profile (with permit to operate) and real contact details.

Take caution when telling your story. There have been several incidents of identity theft now that it’s possible to do business online. To prevent others from stealing your story, you must do everything in your power to control it. That’s the good thing about telling your story in this Internet age.


Know All About the Various Hair Straightening Tools

The curls might have been there for a long time now and maybe you would be looking for some change. Getting your hair straightened next might therefore be a great idea. Otherwise you can also opt to go for a sleek, shiny and short look that is stylish as well.

For this purpose, there are a number of hair straightening tools that are available in the market which turn even the most stubborn curls into straight hair. One of them is the Ceramic tools which are of the flat iron types. These hair tools are electric heat activated straighteners which are quite popular given its ease and comfort of use. The ceramic flat irons also come pretty cheap costing around $30 for the starting ones. However the better quality ones will obviously cost you more, from anywhere around $100 to $500. However even the cheaper ones will do the job of straightening your hair in case of an occasional user.

Then there are also the Japanese hair straightening system and tools which are meant for permanent straightening solutions. However repeated and continuous usage may only lead to hair damage. However given its permanent nature results, you wouldn’t require a touch up for another 6 to 8 months. Thus such tools are also a good option for those looking for permanent solutions.


Maternal and Child Mortality in Nigeria

Maternal and Child Mortality in Nigeria

For the most part, Nigeria is doing poorly in the health industry. Given its developmental stage however, the country is not expected to perform at the same level of excellence with Industrialized countries. But its poor and jeopardized developmental pathway has retarded its overall socioeconomic progress. The statistics is high for a country that has the amount of human and natural resources Nigeria is blessed with. Loads of institutional patterns of error had plagued the most populous black nation of the world. Malaria, tuberculosis and other third world infectious diseases are still threatening the productivity of the country. With “recovery” system of governance and institutional ignorance, life expectancy in the country is estimated at 47-50 years of age. Nevertheless, life above 50 is characterized by affluence, education, nutritional intelligence or ability to drag on to the end.

As globally attractive as Nigeria may seem, especially in oil and gas drilling, the human development report of 2007/2008 did put the black nation in its place. The UNDP report ranked Nigeria close to bottom in the maternal mortality index. The country was only ahead of low income countries under stress (LICUS) like Rwanda, Angola, Chad, Niger, and Sierra Leone. The political argument behind this ranking is rested on the nation’s population and human density; which allows higher contact rates and rapid spread. As much as that part is true; the nation has no clear view on how to keep its citizens healthy.

There is no shared vision amongst the health care stakeholders. This includes care delivery organizations, clinicians, health care consumers and policy makers. Undoubtedly, with higher population comes increase in disease spread. Nevertheless, for Nigeria, there is no in depth profiling of the health of its citizens. The oil rich nation lacks proper information gathering and dissemination systems. These 21st century multi-dimensional development tools inform a country on required patterns of intervention. Every citizen-within accountability age brackets – should understand how much of health care remains a civil right against what is available.

The country needs to get the politics and economics of the situation right. Health promotion and care delivery in the nation needs audacious, practical and quick impact development projects.

Statistics on Maternal and Child mortality:

According to a national estimate, the Nigerian population is at 140 million; 1 in 5 Africans is a Nigerian. By the same report, 23% are women of child bearing age. In 2006, a national report estimated that 65 million Nigerians were females. 30 million of that number is within reproductive age -15-49 years. 6 million Nigerian women are expected to get pregnant every year. In 2007, WHO, UNICEF, UNDP estimated only 5 million of those pregnancies to result into childbirth.


How Are You Affected by Health Care Reform? – Part 1

Health Care reform… “What does it do for me?” “Is it going to be free?” “Will there be waiting lines at doctor offices?” “What about rationing?” These are all legitimate questions and will be addressed over the next few weeks.

Efforts to change the delivery system of health care in the U. S. goes back over 100 years. However, the most well known attempt at reform was as recent as 1994 during the Clinton administration. The overriding goal of reform debate has been to get all Americans insured and relieve the system of treating patients who had no insurance.

Providers then would shift the cost (I.e. cost shifting) to those who could afford to pay out of pocket or who had insurance. Consequently, the well to do and insured Americans saw their costs of health care rise disproportionately over time along with the premiums for health insurance.

Since the failure of the 1994 attempt at reform, the health care system introduced “Managed Care” plans. These plans offered discounts in premiums to steer insureds into certain blocks of providers. These plans had a number of different looks, but the most common in the West Texas area was PPO plans.

Managed Care plans helped alleviate the cost shifting stress for a while, but failed to bring more uninsured folks into the system. Eventually, as the number of uninsureds rose, premiums were forced higher and higher until today where it is not unusual for a family premium to be more than a house payment.

Most estimates say 47 million Americans are without health insurance today. The original goal of reform debate when it was seriously renewed in 2008, was to force that 47 million people into the cost sharing arena.

By March 23, 2010, the result of reform provided only modest incentives for those 47 million to participate in cost sharing system. Rather, the result ended up as insurance reform.


Do You Need a Health Breakthrough?

Are you stuck in a health rut? Do you need some expert advice and support to help you make a breakthrough with your health? If so, you may benefit from taking part in a wellness program. In this article wellness coach Wesley Smith explains how wellness programs work to support you to get over your current health challenges and back onto the path of feeling good. Is it time you made some health supporting changes in your life? If you are ready to make some changes then you may be ready for a wellness program.

What is Wellness

Wellness is feeling healthy and happy. Wellness is having the energy to put into those things that are meaningful in your life. Wellness can mean discovering what brings you meaning and satisfaction. Finding wellness means overcoming chronic health problems and making lifestyle changes that support your health goals.

Set Your Goals

A wellness program starts with helping you to clarify your health goals. Reaching your goals is going to require you to make changes to your current lifestyle and that’s why it’s important to make the connection between the goals you want to reach and why you want to reach them. This may sound obvious but it is a crucial step to helping you sustain your effort throughout and beyond the program. It’s exploring the reasons why we want to do something that creates momentum. Take the goal of having more energy for example, having more energy is a great goal, but the crucial question is what are you going to do with that energy? Would having more energy mean you are no longer exhausted in the evening after work so you can do something you enjoy like an art class or a catch up with friends? Would you like to have more energy so you can keep up with your children or grandchildren? Would you like to go bushwalking, play sport, get fit again? Can you see how it’s the activity that is associated with having more energy that you can get excited about. You need to find your own personal examples that speak to and inspire you, so that the effort required to stick with your health supporting choices is able to be sustained. So step one is to define your goals within a time frame (for example 12 weeks) and then elaborate on how each goal will benefit you and use specific examples that really mean something to you and will inspire your sustained commitment to reaching your goals.

Assess Your Health

The next step is to get a clear assessment of your current state of health and what factors are underpinning your current health issues. If you understand what’s happened with your health then you have insight into what needs to change. It’s also helpful to understand your health strengths and weaknesses, which may include discussions about the state of your nervous system, immune system, endocrine system, the underlying health of your vital organs and your emotional and mental health. At this stage its really helpful to have a good wellness coach who can objectively see your health issues and has the experience to be able to help you prioritise what you have to do next. When you start out in a wellness program, it’s important to see progress to sustain your motivation and belief that you can be well. Its the wellness coach’s most important role to be able to see where you are stuck and give you relevant and personally meaningful advice that sets you back on track to your goals. Without that insight we can end up wasting a lot of time and effort and without the benefits we’re hoping to achieve. In other words, a good wellness coach can see where you are stuck and show you how to get unstuck.

Individual Health Report

In a wellness program, following on from your initial consultation, you will receive a comprehensive individual health report, which sets out your health goals as you have defined them, goes into detail about your current health status, the health issues that need to be address and the changes you need to make to to meet the goals that you have set. The health report allows the wellness coach to cover more than you can cover in a one hour consult, its also beneficial to have all the information in a written for so you can go over it again and again.

Supporting Therapies

A wellness program also involves a number of treatments with specialist practitioners which may include a combination of acupuncture, massage, nutritional and herbal medicine consultations. These session are important to support the changes you are making in your lifestyle. For instance, if you are not sleeping well then the appropriate therapies will re-establish a regular sleep pattern. Change requires effort so having more restful and regular sleep can give you the boost you need to set you on your way. Treatment sessions are the extra support that helps ensure you make progress and don’t fall back or get stuck. You have the opportunity to discuss your experiences and to have your questions answered.